The Truth Behind Phishing

Method For Delivering Malware

Of Organizations Were The Victims of Phishing

Of Phishing Emails Get Opened

Most hackers are not like those seen in the movies, remotely accessing your devices and stealing information. Rather, they rely on fraudlent links and websites that entice the reader, giving them access to the information they want.
Often times it only takes one employee to click on a fraudlent link to allow hackers access to company files and information. Complex security systems can be bypassed if employees fall for phishing traps.
Although it might seem like common sense not to click on fraudlent links, many of them seem genuine, and enough of them are opened and cause damage. Just because a site might seem legit does not make it safe - if a claim is too good to be true, it probably is

Avoid financial loss, identity theft, and malware attacks - Be Diligent in your Online Actions!